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Confessions of a starving art gallery proprietor

I am the proprietor of an art gallery, which sounds impressive until you know the details.

It's called the Starving Artist Gallery, a name which at least is accurate if not original. If I had to live from my artwork and sales from my gallery, I would have starved to death by now. I have joined the ranks of Starving Artist galleries, which can be found in Canada in Brantford, Ontario, in Australia in Huon, Tasmania, and in the USA in Easley, South Carolina and Lee, Massachusetts. Some of these have cafes attached, so the customers won't starve - not sure about the artists.

When I started getting serious about painting, I wanted to exhibit my work in existing galleries. As there are far too many artists and not enough galleries, this idea didn't get very far. I have taken part in many group exhibitions and even had a few solo shows, but my main exhibition venue is still my lounge, bedroom and hall. 

Friends of friends own and operate New Zealand Auto Valet in a large industrial building which has a large showroom at the front. They were not using the room and it gave the building an empty look, which they were not happy with. They had seen some of my paintings in a nearby cafe and invited me to hang some in the showroom to brighten up the place.