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Concert Review: Toxic Holocaust

After two cancelations, Toxic Holocaust finally got to play for Auckland at the Kings Arms - the only smaller venue in town that regularly hosts visiting metal and punk bands. A band with a name like that deserves support, so I went along to indulge in some thrash.

Toxic Holocaust are an American thrash metal trio fronted by Joel Grind on bass and vocals. They don't bring anything new to the genre - if that is even possible - but they provide solid fare for headbanging - plenty fast and loud. Joel also does a lot of recording, mixing and mastering for other artists.

The Kings Arms is notorious for long delays between acts, but this time they pulled a surprise. It was barely 15 minutes after final support band Bulletbelt has finished when Toxic Holocaust were ready to go. 

The guitarist was wearing an Ultimate Warrior T shirt, which I was pleased to see - a reminder of the late great wrestler who died too young, like many of his colleagues. Apart from that, the dude looked like he could have been a middle aged truck driver - what hair he had was cut very short. Joel, on the other hand, has nice blond hair, held in place by his trademark headband.

Their songs were all fast, short and to the point - no ballads or epics. The drummer kept a tight, steady beat with nothing flashy thrown in.

The set was surprisingly short - possibly due to weeknight noise control restrictions on the venue. Nevertheless, a good metal night out of the kind we don't get often enough in this town.

 This review is very late but better late than never.