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Blog the Fifth

Dear readers - if any - I have a confession to make. I have become a Facebook addict.

It started when I opened the Starving Artist Gallery about a year ago. Social media is the way to promote creative ventures nowadays, so I joined Facebook in hopes of generating interest in the gallery and my paintings. 

The success of this idea has been, shall we say, limited. People look at the online gallery occasionally, but the influx of art buyers that I hoped to see has not happened. 

What has happened is - hours spent on Facebook scrolling through posts from friends and strangers, looking at links they have posted, occasionally reading the linked articles but more often going straight to the comments and throwing my two cents in.  

For those not familiar with Facebook - it has a system of notifications. When someone responds to a comment I make, or posts in a thread I am following, a little red number pops up to let me know this has happened. This is the addictive bit - or one of them.  

When I see a little red number, I can not resist clicking to see what it is. Ah - a reply to something I posted. Ooh - two people liked my comment! Such is the pathetic behavior of the Facebook addict. I continue scrolling, liking this, commenting on that, while another hour goes by... What's this I see? This stranger's opinion is totally wrong! Biting sarcasm is called for...here goes...ah, a reply....and a like! Two likes!! Woo hoo... more time goes by.

For the benefit of anyone reading this who sensibly refuses to have anything to do with Facebook, under every post is a Like button. Click on it and you can show support for some issue you care about without making any effort. Welcome to social media activism.

Since I started writing this, I have been back to Facebook many times. Addiction can not be broken until the addict wants to change. Wait, did I just get a like?